Short Stories

Lincoln Reed's science fiction stories have been featured in online magazines and print anthologies, including Havok Publishing, Dragon Soul Press, and Zimbell House Publishing. 

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Living on a planet abandoned by humanity, Carl collects as many books as possible in a personal library, hoping his work will preserve human history.


When extraterrestrial newcomers prove hostile to his antiquated pastime, the librarian must choose between his books or rescue.

Released in Extinct Worlds by Dragon Soul Press in September 2021.

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After terrorists destroy Yankee Stadium, college gamer Danny Boyle must enter a virtual reality version of the ball game to discover the bomb’s origins before another attack happens.

Featured in Glitch, a LitRPG anthology released by Dragon Soul Press in August 2021.


Trapped in a medical facility, a zombie named Morlock struggles to overcome his illness with the help of literature. 

Featured in Havok Publishing's Techno Tuesday on August 31, 2021.


When the alien spaceship Explorer One crashes on an uncharted planet, a Light Bearer named Eyo must find a fledgling species to inherit his gift of enlightenment before he is killed.

Originally featured in Zimbell House Publishing's anthology Explorer One: A Collection of Extraterrestrial Tales and printed again in Dragon Soul Press's Space Bound anthology.

"The Spark of Flame" was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2020. 


To bide time until his debts to the mafia are due, marketing guru Jefferson Becker bets his life on the success of his struggling employer—the Cleveland Canaries, a professional baseball team competing in a steampunk version of the Victorian era—and the abilities of a female pitcher, Chuckles Armstrong. 

Released in March 2021 by Dragon Soul Press in their Imperial Devices anthology.


A professor travels back in time to assassinate Adam and Eve. 

Featured in The Guardians of Time: A Collection of Time Traveling Tales, released by Zimbell House Publishing in June 2020.